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Getting Around


The KTH School of Architecture is located next to a subway station, Tekniska Högskolan, and the bus hub Östra Station. This posits it easy to reach by public transport from anywhere within the city and its closest suburbs. The public transport require that you buy tickets in advance or in a booth, you cannot pay on the bus or on the train, but there are several kinds of passes available including three-day passes with unlimited travel during these three days. All public transport in Stockholm operate with the same passes. You can also buy individual tickets.


A three day or seven day travel pass at SL costs SEK 230, ~ €25-30/SEK 300, ~ €35. These are valid for only one person per trip, however, so depending on how things turn out, it is not a clear cut if this is cheaper – it depends on choices around the other dinners which are possible to walk to, and whether we go elsewhere for beers or drinks as well. Single trips within a zone is SEK 44, and the boat may charge extra. If you think you will be taking public transport to/from hotel at arrival/departure, this would thus cost SEK 88 (See further below). The subway is dependable and efficient. You can find a subway map here, as well as SL (the public transport company) information here.


Travel cards

With a travelcard, you can travel as much as you like throughout the county for the duration of the card. Travelcards are generally the best buy for a visitor who plans to use public transport regularly during the stay.


Travel Card

Full Price (SEK)

Reduced Price (SEK)

24 hours



72 hours



7 days




In addition:


  • If you don't have an SL Access smart card already, there will be an extra 20 SEK fee for the card itself. You can re-use an SL Access card that you have obtained at a previous visit.
  • 7 days travelcards, and travelcards for longer periods of time, are valid from 00.00 on the first day of validity until 04.30 on the day after the travelcard expires. The 24 hour and 72 hour travelcards are valid for the chosen number of hours from the time of first use.
  • Travelcards are transferable and can be used by several travellers, but only one at a time.
  • All travelcards are valid for travel on the Djurgården ferries between Slussen and Djurgården (operated by Waxholmbolaget).


Zone tickets

Zone tickets are ideal if you just make the occasional journey with public transport during your stay in Stockholm. Zone tickets are available from SL Access ticket machines and from SL Center and ticket agents, and come in different types.


The SL area is divided into three zones: A, B and C. You can buy single zone tickets for travel in one, two or three zones from our ticket machines and via Text-me-a-ticket (a text message ticket to your mobile phone). Some zone tickets are made up of coupons.


Additional details

What all types of zone tickets have in common are that you can travel as much as you like until the ticket expires. The ticket is valid for travel in the number of zones you have paid for. If your journey involves any interchanges, you have to make the final change before the ticket expires.


The period of validity is printed on tickets from vending machines, and is given in text message tickets and in zone tickets stored on SL Access cards. Using coupon zone tickets (such as the pre-paid strip) that are stamped, the ticket is valid for one hour from the first time stamp. However, zone tickets that have been purchased for travel in all three zones are valid for two hours from the time of purchase.


Prices vary, where a pre-paid ticket is cheaper than one bought at the ticket barrier. Note that you cannot purchase a ticket onboard either busses, trams or subway.


Vending machine zone tickets

Full price (SEK)

Reduced price (SEK)

1 zone



2 zones



3 zones




From May 2012 you can add credit to an SL Access card and use that credit for pay as you go zone tickets. The minimum credit to add is 100 SEK and you can add up to 1000 SEK at a time. Credit is called "reskassa" in Swedish and you can fill up credit at SL Access vending machines, at SL Center, and at ticket barriers in the Metro and at commuter rail stations (from June 15).

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